On 26 June 2017, the United Nations, governments, non-governmental organizations, the media and citizens around the world will observe the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to raise awareness about the impact of drug abuse and illicit trafficking of drugs.

Many of our members designed their own campaigns and will hold events all over the world. Take a look At what is being done:

Dianova International  is participating in the “Listen First” campaign, which will be broadcasted from June 21st  to 26th 2017 in the following countries: Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Kenya, Nicaragua, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Pakistan, Portugal, USA and Uruguay.
Using the same targets defined by UNODC as well as the slogan “Listen First”, each participating country has prepared a series of images and messages adapted to its local reality in order to make a call to action to the citizens to share the messages mainly through online channels.

IDPC: 26th June also marks the Support Don’t Punish campaign’s “Global Day of Action”: http://supportdontpunish.org.The campaign is an effort by grass-roots organisations all over the world to “reclaim” the messaging from the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, and promote harm reduction and drug policy reforms as a solution to the so-called “world drug problem”. This year, on or around the 26th June, partners have currently confirmed that they will be holding events in 156 cities from 82 countries – and this number continues to rise daily. This makes Support Don’t
Punish the largest drug policy campaign of its kind in the world, and a truly global show of force. Confirmed events stretch from Vancouver, Canada in the West to Sydney, Australia in the East; and from Oslo, Norway in the North to Ñorquincó in Argentina in the South. A full map of the confirmed actions is available athttp://supportdontpunish.org/2017-global-day-of-action/. For more information or resources to participate in the campaign, please contact campaign@idpc.net.

African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention (AYICRIP): will be hosting a one day symposium on illicit trafficking, drug and substance abuse prevention in the Local Government Area (Ezinihitte Local Government Area of Imo State) in Lagos, Nigeria in commemoration of the 2017 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Their objective is to sensitize and educate our young people from ages 12 to 35 on the implications and repercussions associated with them getting involved in drugs and substance abuse especially illicit trafficking.

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