In February 2021 the VNGOC together with the UNODC Civil Society Unit (CSU) the VNGOC held a webinar, introducing the International Drug Control Conventions and the roles of UNODC, INCB and CND.The webinar was held in English with interpretation in Russian and Spanish.

In case you missed it we recorded the webinar and you can find the presentations below.

The webinar featured an introduction to the Drug Control Conventions by Celso Coracini, UNODC and a presentation by Stefano Berterame, acting INCB Secretary on the role of INCB. The two presentations were followed by an open Q&A session giving the participants an opportunity to address some burning questions concerning national legislation, pain regulation and gender issues to name a few.

To conclude the webinar, Alicia van den Boom, CND Secretariat introduced the free, interactive e-learning tool on the scheduling of controlled substances.

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