To assist advocacy for the Beyond 2008 Declaration and Resolutions, there are a number of resources available.  Clicking on the name of the resource below will open up a new page with the relevant document, which can then be saved to your computer or printed out.

Some documents are in PDF format and cannot be modified, such as the Declaration and Resolutions and the independent evaluation.  Other documents are in word or PowerPoint format and can be revised and adapted for different audiences and to suit your specific circumstances.

Beyond 2008 Declaration and Resolutions

Independent Evaluation of Beyond 2008

Power Point presentation of the Beyond 2008 process, outcomes and Declaration and Resolutions

VNGOC Advocacy Guide based on the CND 2011 resolution calling for civil society engagement and the declaration and resolutions adopted by Beyond 2008

CND 2011 Resolution on civil society

CND 2011 Resolution on rehabilitation and reintegration

CND 2011 Resolution on access to essential medicines

CND 2011 Resolution on achieving zero new HIV infections among injecting drug users

Draft resolution in support of the Beyond 2008 Declaration and Resolutions

Draft correspondence to:

Government Ministers

Civil Servants


Religious organisations


Making a Difference – book produced to record the work of Beyond 2008