In keeping with the spirit of shared responsibility and accountability, VNGOC and its members have adopted a Strategic Plan to clearly outline our priorities, activities and commitment to working with our partners. Also, our Strategic Plan is intended to provide the clarity and transparency of intent that is important to our members. Specifically, the Strategic Plan focuses on:

  • •developing NGO capacity and opportunities for NGO engagement with UN member states and relevant UN bodies;
  • • advocating for NGO inclusion in international drug policy decision making; and
  • • representing a global NGO voice at key strategic events.

We encourage you to review this Plan and our 2018 Annual Report with a view to identifying opportunities for collaboration, investment and participation. VNGOC reports regularly on its progress and we welcome your suggestions on how we might strengthen our work together. This Plan is very much our members’ plan. It represents the active engagement of our members around the globe. Please consider how we can better contribute to national, regional and international drug abuse control activities.

The current Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.