VNGOC Press Release welcoming adoption by CND of the resolution on civil society engagement

To help NGOs negotiate their way around the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the VNGOC has produced a number of documents.  These include an invitation to NGOs to submit a proposal for a contributing role at the round tables to be held on the first day of the Commission (this invitation has now past the last date for submission), a Guide to CND and a welcome letter from the Chairperson of the VNGOC.

For the three round tables at CND, six NGOs were selected as contributors, two for each round table.  Unfortunately no time was left for the selected NGOs to speak at two of the round tables.  However, the written version of all the contributions are available below.

To help NGOs publicise their involvement in the CND, the VNGOC has produced a model press release which can be adapted for issuing in your own country.

All the documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Call for proposals for a contributing role at the round tables to be held at CND 2011

Guide to CND 2011

Welcome letter from the VNGOC Chairperson

Contributions of NGOs to the round tables at the 54th session of the CND

Model Press Release on NGO Participation in CND