CND Thematic Intersessional 2021

 The third CND thematic interessional took place October 19-21 2021, in Vienna, Austria.  The meetings were held as a hybrid event with participants joining both online and in person.
The thematic discussions follow the format used within the CND since 2016, and are based on the 
multi-year workplan that Member States developed in 2019. Wherein the CND will hold, every autumn, inter-active meetings aiming to address the challenges identified in the “stock taking”- part of the Ministerial Declaration.

19 October 2021

Increasing links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crime are observed;

20 October 2021

The value of confiscated proceeds of crime related to money-laundering arising from drug trafficking at the global level remains low;

21 October

The criminal misuse of information and communications technologies for illicit drug-related activities is increasing;

In September 2021 the VNGOC held an open call and selected up to five civil society speakers for each thematic segment. A record of the discussions can be found on the CNDBlog

19th October – Links between drug trafficking and organised crime

Civil Society Speakers

Tariq Khosa, Centre for Governance Research (CGR) (Pakistan)

Challenges faced by Pakistan as a major transit country for drug trafficking. 

Links between human trafficking and drug trafficking. Challenges faced in Indonesia.

Integration of trafficking organizations into other illicit economies in Colombia. 

Linkages between crime syndicates and related policy implications.

Practices of modern slavery in the cannabis sector. 

20th October – Money-laundering arising from drug trafficking

Civil Society Speakers

Harmful illicit financial trade networks related to drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking and money laundering in Nigeria. 

Redistributing illegally gained assets once seized by law enforcement. 

21st October – Cybercrime

Civil Society Speakers

Regulatory responses to innovations in online drug trafficking. 

The misuse of ICT for illicit drug-related activities.

Cybercrime in Nigeria and possible responses. 

Ensuring human rights whilst combatting cybercrime. 

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