On 26 June 2020, the United Nations, governments, non-governmental organizations, the media and citizens around the world will observe the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to raise awareness about the impact of drug abuse and illicit trafficking of drugs.

The UNODC theme for the 2019 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – 26 June’s ‘World Drug Day’ – is “Better Knowledge for Better Care”.
The field of addressing the drug problem has been ‘plagued’ by misinformation of many kinds. This year’s theme aims at improving the understanding of the world drug problem and at fostering greater international cooperation for countering its impact on health, governance and security.
As in previous years UNODC has made available materials such as logos and social media packages. UNODC hashtags for World Drug Day 2020 will be #FactsForSolidarity#WDD and #WorldDrugDay.

We know that many of you are conducting own activities to commemorate 26 June. We hereby invite you to share with us what your organisation is planning for the day. Please send any information to info@vngoc.org, and we will make sure to publish it here. 

Dianova International launches an international campaign #AddictionServicesAreEssential to raise awareness of the necessity that addiction services be on par with other health services and that they be given similar levels of attention and support.
Dianova has been providing addiction treatment and prevention services for more than 35 years, working at the community level and engaging in advocacy activities. Building on our experience, we believe that substance use disorders and other addictions are public health issues. It is time therefore to recognize addiction services as essential health services.

The Paradigma Youth Coalition is hosting a decentralised e-conference with the aim to connect young people, youth led communities and organisations that are active in drug policy reform, harm reduction, education and advocacy. The Paradigma Youth Coalition amplifies young peoples voices as well as providing support as they independently organise educational online events that respond to local and regional needs on the occasion of commemorating the World Drug Day and the Support. Don’t Punish Global Day of Action.

To honour theWorld Drug Day on 26 June and its 2020 theme of “Better Knowledge for Better Care”, DB Recovery Resources has compiled the most comprehensive data to date. “Coronavirus lockdown & transitionout: drug & alcohol misuse and these and other addictions/dependencies & PTSD” takes up where the United Nations’ Policy Brief: “COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health”, published on 13 May, leaves off. It covers research and news from then to 26 June 2020 – World Drug Day – with a specific focus on addiction/dependencies and related mental health issues. It aims to inform policy makers, treatment providers and healthcare workers globally.

The New Line Social Organization, based in Afghanistan organised a series of interviews. The head of the organisation, Mohammad Qader Mesbah spoke on television about the celebration of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, on June 26.

“Invisible No More”

On occasion of the WDD 2020,  San Patrignano’s residents hung a banner with the slogan “INVISIBLE NO MORE”, in support of an initiative of the many NGO networks and of the many Italian  therapeutic communities that represent an important part of the Italian services system for people with drug use disorders. It is a symbolic act of denunciation to make the voice of all the NGOs working in this area heard; too often it is unheeded and San Patrignano wants to strongly affirm that the shortcomings and indifference of the institutions are increasingly putting many of them in a situation of extreme fragility.  The work done in support of thousands of marginalized people of any age and their families, to help them to get their life back on track and be successfully reintegrated into society at the end of the process is at risk.

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