The full list of eligible candidates for the VNGOC Board Election as well as details on the voting procedures are now available.

The below information is also available as a .pdf

Dear Members of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC),

We are writing to report on nominations for the Board positions of Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. The VNGOC Nominating Committee is charged with examining nominations for the VNGOC Board that are up for a vote, which this year includes the positions of Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. We review all applications to ensure eligibility to serve on the board, based on the support of a VNGOC member organization, and that organization’s good standing in VNGOC.

We also provide a slate of our recommended candidates. This is to ensure that the elected Board can be as representative of the VNGOC membership as possible – it is to the benefit of the entire VNGOC membership to support the proposed slate. However, while VNGOC members have the option of voting based on the slate, there is no obligation to do so, neither official nor implied. All VNGOC members are free to vote for any eligible candidate they feel would best serve the Board.

In considering who from among these candidates to recommend on our slate, we considered a range of objectives for the VNGOC Board, including geographic representation, gender balance, representation of key global drug policy objectives of the UN and civil society, lived experience as part of a population impacted by drugs or drug policies, and applicants’ experience and record of service. With just three positions being filled this year, this of course involved difficult choices and leaving out qualified applicants with compelling backgrounds and expertise.

The following candidates are eligible for the upcoming elections.

Deputy Chairperson:

Charity MonarengTB HIV CareSouth Africa


Beatrix VasYouth RISEHungary


Asia Almas AshrafWorld Federation Against DrugsPakistan

The following candidates are our recommended slate:

Deputy Chairperson: Charity Monareng, TB HIV Care

Treasurer: Beatrix Vas, Youth RISE

Secretary: Asia Almas Ashraf, World Federation Against Drugs

Statements from the nominees on their rationale for seeking election and the contribution they can offer to the work of the VNGOC are available at the links above and as a complete PDF.

A separate vote for each of the Board positions will be conducted at the Annual General Meeting on 20th March in the following order: Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. A simple majority of those voting will be required to elect the Board.

Only VNGOC member organizations in good standing (i.e., paid the 2023 & 2024 membership fee may cast one vote for each of the Board positions. Members can participate by voting in real-time (i.e., in person, remotely, or by proxy) or in advance (by completing an online ballot). Detailed instructions on how to vote are available here.

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