VNGOC Membership Fee 2023

Each member organisation of the VNGOC is asked to pay an annual membership fee.

In order to calculate your fee choose the category (and fee) that corresponds to the size of your organisation’s 2021 total annual income from the list below:

  • A: under €10,000: no fee, but mandatory completion of the Membership Commitment Form
  • B: between €10,000 and €50,000: €60 fee
  • C: between €50,000 and €150,000: €90 fee
  • D: over €150,000: €120 fee

In 2023 you may be asked to submit appropriate documentation confirming your 2022 total annual income.

Payment Options:

  1. PayPal via Please enter the correct amount (see above), the full name of your organisation and the year for which the fee is being paid. VNGOC is not responsible for any charges incurred by member organizations.
  2. Electronic bank transfer into the VNGOC Euro or USD accounts based in Vienna. (see account info here)
    Please make your payment for the correct membership fee plus all transfer costs and include your organisation’s full name and the year for which you are paying the fee in the transfer reference details. VNGOC is not responsible for any banking charges incurred by member organizations.
  3. In cash in Vienna during the 66th CND in March 2023 prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Invoices and Receipts:

If you require an invoice from the VNGOC, please email with a request. Similarly, if you wish to confirm receipt of a payment, please email at least two weeks after the payment was made.