Global Civil Society Report for the 2024 mid-term review of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

The Vienna & New York NGO Committees on Drugs are pleased to present the global civil society report for the 2024 mid-term review of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). The report is the result of constructive inputs by more than 200 NGOs from all regions of the world, representing a wide range of expertise and perspectives on drug-related issues. The report showcases the importance of meaningful civil society engagement in the formulation and implementation of drug policies on all levels, as well as the challenges and opportunities that civil society faces in this regard.
The report reflects the diverse and sometimes diverging views of NGOs on various aspects of drug policy, such as human rights, public health, development, security, and justice. It also identifies clear trends for key issues on the way forward, based on the experience of civil society actors. These include:

  1. The need for capacity building and comprehensive public health training;
  2. Investment in evidence-based prevention interventions;
  3. Improved access to harm reduction, treatment, and recovery services;
  4. Addressing root causes of drug-related issues, such as poverty, structural violence, racism, inequality, and lack of access to education and healthcare;
  5. A shift towards health-focused policies rather than punitive measures;
  6. Enhanced collaboration across UN bodies to enhance coherence between the international drug control regime and international human rights obligations, placing equality and non-discrimination at the center of drug policymaking.

The report is not intended as a consensus document but rather to show the different discussions and perspectives of civil society on drug related issues. It aims to inform and enrich the dialogue among all stakeholders, and to contribute to the development of more effective, balanced, and humane drug policies.

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