Conference Room Papers and Discussion Documents prepared for CND 2013 will be uploaded here as they become available.

Conference Room Papers are issued to provide additional information and to offer a focus for discussion on particular topics at a specific session of the Commission.

Discussion documents are most commonly prepared by UNODC with the intention of drawing the attention of the Commission and a wider audience to areas of concern resulting from the implementation of internationally agreed drug policy and proposals for how these concerns might be addressed.  In recent years such papers have addressed human rights issues, the use of compulsory ‘treatment’ and some of the unintended consequences of drug control.

E/CN7/2013/CRP.1    Informal discussion notes distributed by the Chairs of the Round Tables

E/CN.7/2013/CRP.2   Reports by intergovernmental organizations on drug control activities

E/CN.7/2013/CRP.3   Note by the Secretariat on other matters arising from the international drug control treaties

E/CN.7/2013/CRP.4   International Standards on Drug Use Prevention

E/CN.7/2013/CRP.5   Statements of financial implications presented to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs before its consideration of draft resolutions at its fifty-sixth session

E/CN.7/2013/CRP.6   List of documents before the Commission at its fifty-sixth session

E/CN.7/2013/NGO.1   Summary of discussions at the second informal Civil Society Hearing hosted by the Vienna NGO  Committee on Drugs