65th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

CND 2022

The 65th CND will take place 14-18 March 2022

Guide to the 65th CND

A guide for NGO participants to the 65th CND taking place 14-18 March 2022.

The Guide is also available in French & Spanish.

Learn hot to effectively engage at the CND.

To support NGO and CSO participation in and engagement with the Commission, the VNGOC has prepared a detailed  Guide with information about the Commission and how it operates; information about NGO participation in the Commission and suggestions on how they can engage most effectively with its work (even if they cannot be present in Vienna); practical information; useful links and contacts.

This years guide also highlights changes and new procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update the guide regularly to include the latest information.

NGO Access to the 65th CND

The CND Secretariat has published the proposed arrangements for the 65th CND

Attending in Person

NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC can register up to 5 participants to come in-person or join online.  In person participation will be reduced. At any given time 8 seats for NGOs will be reserved in the plenary hall. In addition to registering via INDICO you will need to fill out this form to attend in person.

Attending online

All registered participants will be able to join the online conference platform and plenary meetings will be publicly webcast in all UN languages.
For that you’ll need to register via INDICO and in case you want to follow the CoW or make a statement also fill out this online form.

Applying for side-events at the 65th CND

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Extended Bureau of the CND decided that the 2022 CND side events will be held in an online-only format.

APPLICATION PERIOD: 10 January to 21 January 2022

Make sure to follow the guidelines for side events in 2022 provided by the CND Secretariat!

Applications for side events need to be made within the application period by submitting the application form to the Secretariat to the Governing Bodies (unodc-sgb@un.org).

Side events can be organised by: 

  • Member States through their Permanent Mission to the UN
  • UNODC branches, sections or units through the director of the respective division
  • UNODC field offices
  • NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC

Only one event per organizer will be accepted. However, you can co-sponsor multiple events. The co-sponsor form needs to be send to SGB before 15 February 2022.

Events will be accommodated in order of receipt of the application (“first come, first served”). Events submitted by Member States will be accommodated, before all other submissions.

Informal Dialogues

We will be organising four Informal Dialogue sessions for Civil society this year, one with the UNODC Executive Director, one with the Chair of the 65th CND, one with the President of INCB and one with representatives of WHO.

In preparation for the meetings and to ensure the best possible results for all participants, we ask you to send us specific questions you like to have addressed in the dialogues.

Organisations can submit one question per dialoguePlease note that due to the limited time available we might not be able to address all questions received during the dialogues.  Questions need to be submitted in English.

A summary of proceedings will be made available for all after the meetings.

Please submit your questions before Wednesday, 16 February 2022, 23:45 CET through the  online form. 

VNGOC Events during the 65th CND