Draft resolutions are submitted by Member States of the Commission.  Although Member States are asked to submit them in advance, this is rare and they are usually only available just before the CND meets or during the first day of the Commission.  We list here the resolutions which have been submitted.

E/CN.7/2011/L.2   Promoting international cooperation to stop drugged driving

E/CN.7/2011/L.3   Ensuring the availability of reference and test samples of controlled substances at drug testing laboratories for scientific purposes

E/CN.7/2011/L.4   Follow-up on the proposal to organize an international workshop and conference on alternative development 

E/CN.7/2011/L.5   Strengthening international cooperation and regulatory and institutional framewoks for the control of precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs

E/CN.7/2011/L.6   Strengthening participation by civil society in the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and public drug policies

E/CN.7/2011/L.7   Promoting person-centred and rehabilitation and reintegration oriented strategies in response to drug use disorders and their consequences

E/CN.7/2011/L.8   Improving quality and building monitoring capacity for the collection, reporting and analysis of data on the world drugs problem and policy responses to it

E/CN.7/2011/L.9   Promoting adequate availability of internationally controlled narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical and scientific purposes while preventing their diversion and abuse

E/CN.7/2011/L.10  Measures to support African States in their effort to combat the world drug problem

E/CN.7/2011/L.11  Paris Pact Initiative

E/CN.7/2011/L.12  Revitalización del Principio de Responsibilidad Cimún y Compartida en la lucha contra el Problema Mundial de las Drogas

Promover la cooperación internacional a favor de los Estados más afectados por el tránsito de drogas (E/CN.7/2011/L.13)

E/CN.7/2011/L.14  Support for the development and implemenation of an integrated approach to programme development at the UNODC

E/CN.7/2011/L.15  Achieving Zero New infections of HIV amongst Injecting Drug Users and other at risk polulations