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The UNODC Civil Society Unit is collecting information about the positive impact of the work of NGOs working in the field of drug policy in order to further improve data […]
In September 2020 the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) together with the UNODC Civil Society Team held two webinars about the NGO Marketplace and how to best engage at CND […]
The Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) and the UNODC Civil Society Team are inviting you to a joint webinar presenting the NGO Marketplace and giving guidance on how to […]
We are proud to introduce the newest version of the NGO Marketplace, with not only a completely new look but also lots of new features and functionalities.
The NGO Marketplace provides a built-in instant messaging system that enables all registered users to exchange messages in a very straightforward and efficient manner. When you are logged in, you […]
If the required services that you have specified on your project profile can be matched against any NGOs that offer these services in matching regions of activity, then these NGOs […]
You may post news updates on the project profile. Please view the respective NGO profile instructions for reference. News which are posted on the Project profile work in precisely the […]
The project profile shows various pieces of information about your organization’s project. The state of the project status bar is determined by the ratio of finished to unfinished milestones. Previous […]
As with NGOs, project profiles are not immediately visible to other users. They must first be approved by the NGO Marketplace staff, and until then, a message in a yellow […]
You may upload photos to your project profile that showcase your NGO at work. Each photo may be accompanied by a title and a description. In order to save the […]
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