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We are proud to introduce the newest version of the NGO Marketplace, with not only a completely new look but also lots of new features and functionalities.
The NGO Marketplace provides a built-in instant messaging system that enables all registered users to exchange messages in a very straightforward and efficient manner. When you are logged in, you can open an instant messaging window by clicking on the Send Message button on a staff member’s profile. The messenger window that thus appears at […]
If the required services that you have specified on your project profile can be matched against any NGOs that offer these services in matching regions of activity, then these NGOs will be listed if you select the respective service in the service tab of your project profile. Previous | Next Table of Contents
You may post news updates on the project profile. Please view the respective NGO profile instructions for reference. News which are posted on the Project profile work in precisely the same fashion. Previous | Next Table of Contents
The project profile shows various pieces of information about your organization’s project. The state of the project status bar is determined by the ratio of finished to unfinished milestones. Previous | Next Table of Contents
As with NGOs, project profiles are not immediately visible to other users. They must first be approved by the NGO Marketplace staff, and until then, a message in a yellow box appears at the top of the profile. Previous | Next Table of Contents
You may upload photos to your project profile that showcase your NGO at work. Each photo may be accompanied by a title and a description. In order to save the project profile information that you’ve just entered, click on the Save Information button at the very bottom. Previous | Next Table of Contents
You may also specify team members of your project. Just as with team members of NGOs, you have the choice between creating new user accounts and specifying already registered people (as shown in the image above). If you add existing accounts to your project’s staff, they must first confirm this relationship before appearing on the […]
If you want your project’s needed services to be matched against NGOs that are able to provide these services, you must specify at least one region of activity. Previous | Next Table of Contents
Milestones are the means by which you communicate your project’s status to your audience. A project is considered to be finished if all its milestones have been marked as completed. A project is considered to be in progress if it either has no milestones at all, or if at least one of its milestones is […]
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