Deadline for submitting questions for the Informal Dialogues: 15 February, 23.45 CET

As in previous years VNGOC is arranging Informal Dialogues with the Executive Director of UNODC, the President of INCB, the Chair of CND, representatives of WHO and representatives of other UN Agencies (UNAIDS & OHCR) in the margins of the 67th CND.

The Date and time for these meetings is still pending and we will keep you updated on any developments.

In preparation for the meetings and to ensure the best possible results for all participants, we ask you to send us specific questions you like to have addressed in the dialogues.

Organizations can submit one question per dialogue. Please note that due to the limited time available we might not be able to address all questions received during the dialogues.
Questions need to be submitted in English.

A summary of proceedings will be made available for all after the meetings.

Please submit your questions before 15 February 2024, 23:45 CET through the online form.

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