About the NGO Marketplace

The “Marketplace” is an innovative online platform that gives non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the opportunity to present their work, exchange expertise, network, raise awareness and fundraise. It is a joint United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC) project, officially launched on 18 April 2016 in New York, prior to UNGASS 2016. This virtual space expands civil society connectivity and amplifies the valuable input NGOs provide to the implementation of drug related services and policies at all levels.

In addition, the platform has social media features, to enhance the communication potential of this tool. NGOs that are part of the platform are able to create online profiles, where they present their work and areas of interest as  well as expertise. It is easy to search for other organizations from around the globe that have similar interests  or activities, and it is even easier to connect with potential new partners. The Marketplace allows NGOs to share their experiences and learn from others in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

The VNGOC holds the proprietary rights over “Marketplace” and monitors and moderates the activities taking place on the platform. The use of the platform is free of charge and open to all active civil society organizations (CSOs). Membership in the VNGOC is not required, but encouraged.

Contact us at info@vngoc.org

How the NGO Marketplace works

Organizations and individuals may create accounts on the NGO Marketplace, each being connected to a specific profile. The profile contains relevant information about the NGO or the person.

NGO profiles contain wide-ranging information about the NGO, such as the mission statement, areas of interest, contact details, offices, social media links, offered services, regions of activity, supported UN declarations, and staff.

NGOs may also create projects which appear on their profiles. Each project has a profile of its own, which specifies, among other things, its objectives, its milestones, its regions of activity, its needed services.

Services represent the connection point between different NGOs. Organizations are able to select from a rich service taxonomy in specifying the kinds of services that they provide or require. Provided services appear on NGO profiles, and needed services on project profiles.

Through service matching, organizations are able to determine, which projects in their geographical region need services that they provide. Conversely, they are also able to determine which other organizations provide services that they themselves need. This takes place on the NGO and project profile.

The NGO Marketplace offers a powerful search engine through which organizations worldwide may be mapped according to different filtering criteria.

The integrated messenger allows users (whether they be organizations or individual people) to exchange instant messages in an intuitive manner.

About this User Guide

The purpose of this user guide is to make you familiar with the core features of the NGO Marketplace. It is designed in the manner of a step-by-step tutorial and contains many screenshots that explain the user interface.

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